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October 3, 2023

Hattiesburg MS Photographer | Wait, what? You provide client wardrobe for the entire family?!

That’s the response I typically get when a new client finds out that they *don’t* have to spend hours lugging their family from store to store to find an outfit they will wear, just once, for their family portraits.

Women. Men. Girls. Boys. Babies. The whole kit and kaboodle.

As a Hattiesburg MS photographer, providing a full client wardrobe is one of my favorite perks to provide to my clients.

It’s like I can feel their stress melt away once they know that I will handle it for them.

“As a nurturing person you like being helpful in some way to others who can genuinely benefit from your help.”

I recently read that, and I thought… wow, if the shoe fits (or clothes, hehe)!

As a mama, trust me, I understand the mental load that we carry d a i l y.

We’re in the trenches. We’re in the thick of it. These are the best days, and yet they’re the longest and most exhausting.

I love getting to tell a mama she doesn’t have to worry about this. Let me take care of it.

Let me take care of you.

And, dad’s, don’t worry. I’ve got your back, too.

You don’t even have to endure a ruthless shopping spree with your wife for a shirt that you’ll *literally* never wear again anyways. (It’s almost like I’m speaking from experience, right?) 😉

If you love the idea of being fully taken care of, and you are looking for Hattiesburg MS photographer, I would love to begin planning your session!

As a Hattiesburg MS photographer specializing in newborns, little humans, maternity, and young families, I would love to photograph your family. To see more of my curated client wardrobe please click over here and get in touch if this is something you would love for your newborn.

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